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To all employees

2020-03-04 13:43:56 STARCO CHEM

To all employees. 

Recently, the pneumonia epidemic infected by novel coronavirus has spread all over the country. 

The CPC Central Committee and the State Council attached great importance to it. General Secretary Xi Jinping gave important instructions and presided over the convening of the standing Committee of the political Bureau to study the epidemic prevention and control work, and Premier Li Keqiang gave instructions and went to Wuhan to guide the epidemic prevention and control work. 

The provincial party committee, the municipal party committee, and the party work committee of the Canal Economic Development Zone have also put forward clear work requirements, and the party committee of Hualu holding Group has also made detailed arrangements for doing a good job in prevention and control. 

In order to do a good job in the prevention, control and disposal of the pneumonia epidemic situation infected by novel coronavirus, the company set up a leading group for the prevention, control and disposal of novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation to safeguard the life safety and health of the staff and workers. 

In view of the current epidemic situation of new pneumonia, the company puts forward the following suggestions: 


During the holiday period, reduce travel, do not participate in parties and other activities, through phone calls, text messages, Wechat and other ways to carry out holiday greetings, express best wishes, to minimize the risk of the spread of the epidemic. 

Try to avoid going to shopping malls, bazaars, hospitals, large places of entertainment and other crowded places. 


Employees who have recently been to areas with serious epidemic conditions, such as Hubei, or who have recently been in close contact with personnel in areas with serious epidemics, promptly report their personal situation to their departments, abide by the prevention and control regulations, refuse visitors, and do not go out. Quarantine observation at home for 14 days. 

If there are symptoms such as fever (armpit temperature ≥ 37.3 ℃), cough, fatigue and so on, please wear a mask immediately and go to the nearest designated fever clinic to see a doctor. Do not take public transport on the way to see a doctor. When you see a doctor, you should tell the doctor about your condition in detail. 

If there are no symptoms after 14 days, they can move freely. 


On-duty workers should do a good job in daily protective work, avoid contact with strangers on their way to and from work, communicate by telephone as far as possible during work, minimize unnecessary meetings and reduce the frequency of personnel gathering. 


There is a large turnover of people during the Spring Festival, so please wear masks, wash hands frequently, do not spit anywhere, sneeze or cough, cover your mouth and nose with paper towels or sleeve elbows, and pay attention to personal hygiene; the living and living environment should pay attention to proper ventilation and ventilation, clean and disinfect regularly every day, and avoid activities in places with poor ventilation and crowded people as far as possible. 


Raise awareness of food safety. 

The boards and props for dealing with raw and cooked food should be separated, and live birds should not be traded and slaughtered privately, and wild animals should not be managed and eaten. 

At the same time, pay attention to personal eating habits, do not drink, maintain a regular rest, to ensure that their resistance does not decline. 


The epidemic is preventable and controllable. Please do not panic, pay attention to the authoritative information released by the official media in time, and do not spread rumors, believe rumors or spread rumors. 

For the health of all employees and their families, please start from their own, to be the first person responsible for their own health!