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United States launches countervailing duty investigation on imported phosphate fertilizers from Morocco and Russia

2020-07-01 16:38:15 STARCO CHEM

According to foreign media reports, on the 26th, Meisheng announced that it requested the US Department of Commerce to impose countervailing duties on phosphate fertilizers imported from Morocco and Russia. 

A press release was issued at 06:55 et on June 26th, 2020. 

It is reported that after the launch of the countervailing duty investigation, the price of diammonium phosphate in the port of New Orleans rose in July, with the latest offer at FOB US $280 / short ton (about US $308.7 / metric ton), a two-month high. 

The previous week's price was $278 per short ton ($306.5 per metric ton) for FOB. 

The futures price of diammonium phosphate in the fourth quarter was also traded at FOB $280 / short ton (about $308.71 / metric ton), up $5 / short ton (about 5.51 / metric ton) from the previous trading day.